Duvall House, Alexandria

A Luxurious Trip into History in Old Town Alexandria

Duvall House

Nestled in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, the Duvall House stands as an 18th-century landmark, a testament to the pages of history and a revered presence within the annals of time. This esteemed residence witnessed the celebration of George Washington’s return from his triumphant victory over the British monarchy in 1783, a momentous occasion marked by a grand gala hosted at William Duvall’s Tavern. The echoes of that legendary event still resonate within the walls of this iconic dwelling.

Originally known as Duvall’s Tavern, the house once also served as the esteemed 1st Bank of Alexandria. Its storied past encompasses the residence of Charles Lee, the 3rd Attorney General, adding further layers of historical significance. Meticulously restored to its original grandeur, the house exudes a rustic charm while embracing modern comforts. High ceilings, elegant chandeliers, graceful archways, and an airy floor plan converge to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

A symphony of antiques and original artworks adorns the interiors, bestowing an air of opulence and cultural refinement. The residence boasts over 4,000 square feet across twelve meticulously appointed rooms, each telling a unique tale of its past. The first floor unveils a double parlor, office, and den, while the second floor is adorned with a spacious kitchen, dining room, and an expansive 450-square-foot ballroom, stretching from front to back.

The house accommodates your every need, offering three bedrooms, each graced with a private en-suite bathroom. Four queen-size beds provide a sumptuous embrace for a restful night’s sleep. For larger groups, the option to configure the ballroom with one or two queen-size air mattresses is available, ensuring flexibility and comfort.

Exemplifying a dedication to guest well-being, the Duvall House offers a top-rated Baby Europa crib, complete with linens, catering to infants and toddlers. The house extends its gracious welcome, granting full access to its entirety, allowing you to immerse yourself in its rich heritage. While noting the preservation of the staircase, the tables and chairs in the second-floor ballroom are thoughtfully stored, ensuring their safety for future events.

Beyond the threshold, the allure of Old Town Alexandria beckons. This historic seaport and tranquil village, a mere few miles from downtown DC, unfurls its treasures before you. The local tapestry of amenities weaves a tapestry of convenience, while effortless access to Washington’s vibrant core awaits. Culinary indulgence finds its zenith, with the finest restaurants of the National Capital Region adorning the nearby streets. For aficionados of live music, theater, and art galleries, an array of venues lies within strolling distance.

Duvall House boasts a coveted locale, a mere two blocks from the Potomac River boardwalk. Here, a water taxi awaits, whisking you away to Georgetown, the Wharf, National Harbor, MGM Casino, and the Washington Nationals ballpark. Set against the backdrop of historic Alexandria City Hall, adjacent to the iconic Ivy Lane, and a stone’s throw from a myriad of shops and dining establishments, the Duvall House offers an invitation to revel in the luxurious embrace of history and contemporary opulence.

Duvall House