Crown Jewel Vista, Huntingdon

Enjoy Mountain Top Views of Raystown Lake

Crown Jewel Vista

Welcome to the illustrious Crown Jewel Vista Lodge, where an unparalleled spectacle of Raystown Lake awaits you. Behold this opulent true log home, majestically perched atop Terrace Mountain, embracing 142 acres of breathtaking splendor, extending gracefully to the azure waters below. This grand vacation cabin boasts 5 resplendent bedrooms and 4 lavishly adorned bathrooms, each offering breathtaking vistas of the lake and beyond.

As you step inside, marvel at the grandeur of a colossal stone fireplace, the very heart of this exquisite abode, rising from the depths of the basement to the soaring heights of the vaulted second-story ceiling. The living room, resplendent in its two-story glory, features an awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling glass prowl, showcasing the expansive panorama of the lake. On the first floor, you will find a palatial master bedroom and two generously appointed chambers, all affording magnificent views.

Gourmet delights await in the first-floor kitchen, where you can relish delightful family meals amidst a picturesque backdrop. Ascend to the second story, where two more lavish bedrooms and a charming loft beckon, offering a truly elevated experience. The walkout basement, lavishly furnished, provides ample space to luxuriate by the hearth stove or unwind in the bespoke sauna. For added convenience, the basement houses a commodious laundry facility.

Outside, an enchanting wrap-around deck invites you to savor the breathtaking scenery with up to 20 esteemed guests. Bring firewood to illuminate the evening, and bask in the mesmerizing ambiance by the enchanting fire pit, all while gazing upon the resplendent splendor of Raystown Lake.

Venture forth into nature’s embrace, for the proximity of Terrace Trail awaits your mountain biking and hiking pursuits. A fishing trail meanders from the house to the serene Juniata River, while the verdant wooded acreage sprawls from the mountain’s peak, just above the lake, down to the very base of the dam. In all its glory, this mountain sanctuary offers a peerless haven for families and distinguished gatherings alike. It serves as an impeccable locale for cherished family reunions or an exclusive venue for the most splendid weddings.

At Aunt Susie’s Vacation homes, each season unveils its unique charm – from the vibrant blooms of spring to the exuberance of summer, the enchanting hues of autumn, and the warm embrace of winter holidays. Rest assured, boat parking facilities stand ready to accommodate your most elegant aquatic transport.

Embrace the enchantment of this regal estate, featuring resplendent accommodations such as a sumptuous bedroom adorned with a king-size bed and opulent en-suite bathroom. Additionally, two chambers boast the indulgence of queen-size bottom bunks with a delightful twin on top, while two more rooms boast the splendor of queen-size bottom bunks adorned with elegant twin companions. In total, four lavishly equipped bathrooms are at your disposal, ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience.

This magnificent abode is further enhanced by the presence of three opulent sleeper sofas, a fine TV/DVD ensemble, and an array of lustrous bath towels and linens, thoughtfully included for your indulgence. The kitchen, an epicurean haven, is lavishly stocked with refined pots, pans, glassware, plates, silverware, and the finest dish soap.

Just a mere ten minutes from the Raystown Lake Dam, with its esteemed Snyders Run Boat Launch location, the Crown Jewel Vista Lodge beckons you to a realm of unmatched luxury and tranquility.